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 Starting Up with HTML

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PostSubject: Starting Up with HTML   Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:00 pm

First you need a text editor, A notepad will do. But text editor with syntax highlight is better so i recommend notepad++

First open your text editor, leave the text area blank then save it as "myfirstpage.html" without quotations. html files have dot(.) html extensions.

Then open the saved file. You will see a blank page.

Let's move on to the syntax we will be using.

Type the code below into your text editor program, Then save it to "myfirstpage.html"



          <title>My First HTML</title>

          Hello World!


After saving, open the file with a browser.

It will show a page with a message "Hello World!"

Very Happy Very Happy Congratulations! You are now done at your First html coding Very Happy Very Happy

Most of the syntax in html have an opening and closing tag. As far as i know because I am just starting to study html.

Some of it are:
<img> and <br /> tag have no closing tags.

Basic Tags that you should first study.

<html> </html>
- These tags indicate the opening and closing of the html page.

<head> </head> -These tags indicate the head of your html page.

<title> </title> - These tags indicate the title of your page. It must be inside the head tag.

<body> </body> - These tags indicate the body of the page where you put the content.

<h1></h1> to <h6> </h6> - These tags indicate headings. Note: The greater the number, the smaller the letter is.

<br /> - This tag indicate line break or next line.

<hr></hr> - This tag indicate horizontal rule / line.

<center> </center> - These tags makes the content inside the tag positioned at the center part.

<table> </table> - These tags indicate the table start and end.

<th> </th> - These tags indicate the table headings.

<td> </td>
- These tags indicate the table data / table cell in column.

<tr> </tr> - These tags indicate the table row(s).

<b> </b> | <strong> </strong> - These tags indicate bold text.

<i> </i> - These tags indicate italic text.

<s> </s> | <strike> </strike> - These tags indicate striked text.

<blink> </blink> - These tags indicate blinking text.
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Starting Up with HTML
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